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Top Facts a Dog Owner Has to Know about Premium Dog Food

premium dog food

Dogs need proper nutrition like humans do. A balance between meat and plant products is good to maintain the well-being of dogs. However, due to economic issues, home owners fail to give enough nourishment to their pets. Pets particularly dogs get only leftovers from their masters. But this does not do them any good. As a matter of fact, these foods might even pose a threat on their lives. Due to this, there have been efforts made by some manufacturers to give owners choices of premium dog food that are totally affordable and would give pets the nutrients needed.

A premium dog food as its name implies is the best food you could ever give your pet. Usually, it contains choice cuts of beef, chicken, bone and fresh grains that is gathered together to bring wholesome nutrition to dogs. Not all of these are contained in one canned dog food though. There have been many brands in the market that has come up with these ingredients yet at a price that would not actually hurt.

The choice of ingredients may not be fixed from one premium dog food to another. This is because there are forms of dog food that may contribute to the price. Primarily, there is the dry dog food and wet canned dog food. Both bring nourishment with different degrees of benefits.

Dry premium dog food or what is termed as kibble is the most common food people buy. This is because it is convenient to prepare as one does not have to deal with wet dog food. One can just empty its contents and have it served. Other variations of this kind of dog food would demand the owner to have it dissolved in hot water like that of oatmeal. Another thing which keeps this premium dog food a hit is its price. It comes to be very affordable which justifies its demand.

If there is dry dog food, there is also wet canned dog food variety. Owners who would like to cling to fresh dog food may have this wet canned food variety as a choice. Most of these canned dog foods are cooked to be readily eaten. It contains meat products that are cooked at a certain temperature to be able to maintain freshness. Some varieties are cooked lightly and vacuumed to make sure that bacteria will not multiply inside its confines.

There is a good deal over buying premium dog food. With the increasing need of dogs today to be able to avail of nutrition promoting optimal health, considering premium dog food is really something substantial. First off, premium dog food does not contain genetically modified organisms. Just like humans, dogs can acquire diseases brought by GMOs. It can also harbor certain conditions that would affect the dog’s organs and will eventually lead to fatalities. These fatalities come to be redundant these days. So there is a need to provide nutrition that only premium dog food can give. No single food can give all the nutrients that the dog needs, however, a single premium dog food may have these nutrients packed in one. Plus, these nutrients are coming from foods that are safe and natural. Wet canned foods per se contain real meat that is processed to be able to give the freshest meal. As you may not know, meat can sometimes cause allergies to pets. Not with a premium dog food though as it is processed to perfection.

The benefits are overwhelming but it has been known too that other manufacturers do not tend to follow strict guidelines when it comes to dog food. Some claims of healthy goodness but has nothing to do with it. But with a vigilant eye, a pet owner can have all the doubts erased by knowing the things that a premium dog food should contain to be able to provide dogs the nourishment they need. There should be something for the dog’s heart. In this case, look for premium dog food with Omega 3. This is of great help for the normal functioning of the heart by getting rid of harmful cholesterol out of the system. Look for something for the dogs coat too. Organic trace minerals are responsible for the shiny coat of dogs. Minerals have the power to nourish the hair roots to be able to produce nothing but shiny and healthy coat. Next, there has to be something to promote digestion. Indigestion is something that is commonly felt by dogs. Not when premium dog food is provided. Most of these dog foods have prebiotics and probiotics that are like natural living bacteria which promotes digestion. These bacteria may prepare the stomach ready. Once these 3 essential things have been found in a premium dog food, it is worth buying.

premium dog food

premium dog food

Providing dog food is one vital step to promote nutrition. It contains the nutrients that dogs need. But giving foods for dogs may not be enough. Top it by not giving foods that are actually harmful to dogs. Chocolate solids, onion, garlic and raisins are some of the foods harmful to pets. Pay particular attention on green tomatoes too. These tomatoes contain tomatine that is harmful to dogs. As a tomato turns red, tomatine disappear which means that it comes safe to ingest. It is not enough to watch for the food that one should give a dog because an important deal lies also on the food not to give dogs.

This would boil down to one conclusion that premium dog food is the safest food to give dogs. It comes safe as long as the labels are read well and it contains essential nutrients for the heart, the coat and for digestion. Whether it is frozen, dried, fresh, canned, as long as its premium, it is considered the best. The market has an extensive myriad of choices for the dog owner to choose from. No matter what the cost of these foods may demand, it is still the health of the dog that counts the most.